Wedding Hair

Wedding Hair - one of the most important components of the image of the bride. She has to be done in the same style and combined with all the wedding accessories bride: trim dress, bouquet, veil, gloves, shoes, and other important stuff.

Before you finalize your selection, our masters recommend to do a few test versions of evening and wedding hairstyles.

Fresh flowers always look noble and elegant, perfect for small short hair. Perfect when the flowers in her hair and a wedding bouquet same.

If you intend to veil or hat, summer hairstyle should be simple. Especially when the bride is going to be married - Christian traditions require hairstyles maximum simplicity, lack of curls. In this case we can choose, for example, hair low beam or rolls.

If your hair is combed back, then - with the parting or no. Replace curls around the circumference of the head can be, for example, thin braids, or on the wedding should tighten curls from the temples and remove them in a bundle.

And hairpieces, and strands of natural hair thanks to modern technology mounted on unseen clips and are no different from real hair. They just decorated with flowers, ribbons and sequins.

Summer comes to fashion jewelry wedding hairstyles with flowers, satin ribbons and pearls and rhinestones, sequins, fur and feathers are popular in any season.

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