Decorating the car.

We offer a wide choice of decorating of wedding cars. Cars beautifully decorated with flowers, it is always elegant, always beautifully, the choice is very big, and will call only from your imagination, from your wishes, ornaments can be in the form of heart, it can be spheres, tapes, flowers, the various sizes and forms. All it depends on the form and the size of the car, and certainly from wishes of clients. All ornaments are unique, the car should look solemnly, festively. That at the first sight at the car it was clear is - a wedding procession. We are glad to each client, and our professionals will make all that you remained are happy.


 Hall decoration.

Our company offers you a quick and high-quality decoration wedding hall. To create a festive atmosphere, we use balloons and pieces of them, a variety of flower arrangements and other decorative elements. Each of them will add to the decoration of the room its own unique touch, and together they will play for you a march by Mendelssohn, who remembered the newlyweds and guests for life.

  Our professionals have extensive experience in decorating wedding halls. They quickly perform all the necessary work, and after the feast in the same room can lead quickly to its original state. But during the festival of original and beautiful jewelry will be pleasing to the eye to all present.

 Turn your wedding into a real festival, which will be remembered for a lifetime, but not in the day of trouble and worry. Otherwise you run the risk of spending a lot of time to decorate the wedding hall, which might be spent on other elements of the preparations for the wedding that require your attention. When decorating the room is used a lot of different materials: fabrics, ribbons, ribbons, candles, balloons, floral compositions , feathers, confetti and streamers.

  The design and decoration of the halls - is a science that has its own laws and rules.
Dressing rooms can transform even the most dull interior. Each room has its own nuances, strengths and weaknesses. Dim lighting in the room correct decor candles, corners and columns adorn drapery fabric solemn ferial room can give floral fantasy of bright colors.
Professional decorators, using different materials for decoration, a few hours will make any room in the grand hall, where you can spend your holiday, including a wedding, in an atmosphere of comfort and good mood.
   It is difficult to overstate the importance of a successful decorating the room for the wedding. When making a wedding hall all the details are important, you need to think about what and how to decorate. The objects of decor can be chairs, tables, building entrances, walls, ceiling. Satin, chiffon, organza - these fabrics are often used in the design of wedding halls.

Drapery stairs, walls and columns these tissues creates a sense of celebration, magic, tenderness and lightness. However, for the wedding theme (like a pirate) are available at all other elements of decor, decoration wedding hall is performed in a different style and mood.
Our specialists will prepare any room for the holiday decoration of the hall to perform the wedding. Each project created by us, are unique and special handwriting.


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