Wedding Accessories

Wedding Ring Pillows

Wedding pads - this is the accessory that gives the whole wedding a certain tone. But we must not forget that they should be well suited to the style of the wedding. Well, for that their choice should be taken very seriously. After all, even the slightest mistake can ruin all the celebration.

Wedding pads - this is a very nice symbolic thing, without which it is impossible to do on any wedding. Of course, they will make their part in the festive atmosphere of celebration.

Exchanging rings is one of the most romantic wedding traditions and patient. Therefore, this moment should be beautiful in a special and memorable. Well, how did this get by without the pads of the Rings? This accessory has always been considered one of the most important. Refined, decorated with beads and ribbons, pillow perfectly complements this important event. Most often a ring mounted on the pads with special ribbons or bows, which are then very easy to unwind.

However, the wedding ring cushions - it is also the main element of marriage as wedding rings have always been considered a symbol of love and fidelity. They, like a strong sense have neither beginning nor end. It was a wedding ring serves as a first gift from the bride to the groom, and the pad, respectively, is a great ornament of this gift.

In our shop, you'll see the most sophisticated and most beautiful pillow for the rings. Although the holiday and will take place, but pads, like most other wedding accessories, will stay with you for a long time and be reminded of this wonderful day.


 Glasses for wedding honeymoon

   Wedding - a celebration for you and your family. This is an unforgettable, magical time in your life.

Throughout the celebration you will hear a lot of toasts, their relatives and friends. Their spoken words will be invaluable to you. Besides directly with toast and begins the opening reception.

Wedding glasses for the newlyweds - is a mandatory attribute of the wedding. First, they are used in the registry office, then to walk and at the banquet. But apart from glasses for the wedding ceremony is also used, and other wedding accessories: wedding candles, wedding wishes book, pads and rings etc.

But there is nothing surprising in the fact that the glass is given the most attention. As a general rule, most newlyweds are choosing a classic version of glasses with engraving, as it is universal. Decoration of wedding glasses may be completely different, the most common method of decoration is vibrant colors. It has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the fact is that the flowers in the bouquet are perfectly combined with flowers on wedding glasses. Therefore, the photos are fascinating. The disadvantages include the fact that the flowers may fade, especially if the yard for them to unfavorable weather (hot or cold). In this case, they did not decorate the glasses, but rather spoil their appearance. Although modern stylists have their own tricks that will color the maximum time to be in excellent condition.

Another option is a fairly common ornament with rhinestones. To do this most commonly used heart, lined with a ring or initials of the young. By the way, not so long ago to decorate the glasses were still using glass beads and acrylic molding.

The greatest demand today are the glasses decorated with rhinestones, embroidered lace and artificial or real flowers. The price is inexpensive, and they look very festive. Glasses are perfect for lace wedding dress nevesty.Bolee, they can be executed in one style or even sold with the card.

It is very convenient, because the bride will not have to waste time on it to select these accessories.
  Brooch rhinestones on glasses or goblets make a particularly splendid and solemn, that is, of course, appear in a wedding album.
   Keep in mind that the artificial flowers on the glasses should be a harmonious approach to the wedding bouquet. Set will be a great addition to the colors of the candles, book requests, pillow and other elements that give the brightness of the event.
In order to reduce the cost of wedding accessories you should buy everything in one place and it is better if they go into the set.
Wedding glasses will stay with you after the celebration, and will be reminded of this bright day in your life.


Personalizing your wedding monogram

  One of the most stylish details of the wedding. Individual monogram can be placed anywhere: on the floor, walls, tablecloths, napkins on, the chairs on the stage, invitations, and even on food: cake, cakes, biscuits and chocolate.


Individual signature monogram attracts attention and stands out for its originality. It seems pretty easy to draw a monogram, but it is not. The complexity of the monogram in its simplicity, harmony and completeness.  Creating a monogram is quite a complex task. Need to make a monogram newlyweds also reflect the nature of the pair, was simple and concise.


Unique Wedding Decorations

  In addition to standard wedding hall decorations which are written in previous articles, there may be the original decoration.

The wedding will be more effective and memorable thematic decorations on the background and originally decorated the hall. An inherent part of the thematic and styled weddings are themed decorations, creating the right atmosphere: the glamor and luxury and decadence, surrealism, or the classics of past centuries - depending on the chosen topic.


Wedding champagne bottle

 Each country has its own wedding traditions. What a celebration without champagne. Thanks to the French abbot Don Perignon, who came up with this sparkling, frothy drink in the far in the XVII century, the world is now a constant attribute champagne celebration.
Wedding champagne appeared in our time. During the wedding feast, the host spends hilarious auction - lot on which stands a bottle of wedding champagne. The winner of the auction gets the wedding champagne, the title of "most generous guest" and the opportunity to come in a year to celebrate the "Calico wedding."

 Wedding champagne carefully decorate. To wedding champagne was on it adhesive label with a picture of the bride and groom. On the label of wedding champagne, usually on the back of printed verse or something that you yourself can come up with - a toast, or a wish that same verse only yours. Also wedding champagne decorated floral composition - flowers, beads, ribbons. Decoration is called "nashampanitsa" - a kind of ceremonial dress for the wedding champagne.


Envelopes  for rose petals

Handmade wedding accessories are made for you personally. This is a unique opportunity to make your wedding exclusive - not like at all. All envelopes for the petals will be performed in the specified color. You can choose from a selection of samples as the basis for the style of your wedding accessories or order in their designs.

    During the photo shoot newlyweds sprinkled with rose petals, confetti, rice, coins. Which, in turn, symbolizes wealth, affection and love of the family! You can buy envelopes for the petals. Here are just some of the options the envelopes, you can also order the envelopes in the style of your wedding.
Here you can also buy - artificial rose petals, wedding confetti and streamers, baskets and bags for sprinkled.


Chests for money

  During the wedding there are a few options when the bride and groom receive gifts from guests first. Traditionally, during the feast guests carried the loaf, and the guests gave gifts in return and wanted the kind words. Nowadays, more and more gifts to give a feast, when the couple welcomed guests.

We often prefer to give money for the wedding. In order to make the process of gift giving as beautiful, were designed bags and trunks for the money. For the beauty of the ceremony, wedding toastmaster generals and call these chests for money - "Family executed." The groom takes the guests an envelope with money and adds to the trunk for money. Since the the wedding can gather a large amount of money in the form of gifts in a chest, they are easy to control.

After the wedding trunk for money can be a decoration for the house and the memories of the wedding. Also in the trunk can be stored, for example, veil and cards as desired.

Because very often do themed weddings and make out in different styles, and then for the money chests decorated with the style of the wedding. Under this trunk can pick up a book with the wishes and photo album.

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