Choosing a wedding bouquet for the bride.

 The image of the bride on the wedding day can not be imagined without a little delicate bouquet in her hands.

 How to choose a bouquet for the bride? We'll help you with it several key important tips to make your image was ideal and perfect that day!

First of all, should be combined with a bouquet of bride's dress, to consider its style, color and decoration. Extravagant bride who chose a bright dress for the ceremony unusual style and color, you need the same extravagant bouquet. Romantic individual who prefers modest pastel colors, preferably pick flowers in the same style. Camellia and hydrangea with glossy leaves will look great against the brocade and satin, and white roses small complement lace and flounces of lighter fabrics.

Choosing a wedding bouquet, consider the height and build bride. Tall and slender florists advise to choose flowing bouquets that emphasize height and waist, fit a large bouquet, which is worn on the elbow. If a girl is slightly built - bridal bouquet should not be too luxuriant, it should not contain large flowers. Miniature bride will be completely hidden under that bunch, so it would be the best on-ball bunch portbuketnitse.

Lovely bride, do not forget about the groom.
In his buttonhole is recommended to insert a miniature bouquet (boutonniere), created in the same style as the bridal bouquet.

Pay attention to the scent of the flowers that you will not have all day to suffer from the new smell, which you may not like it, and even cause allergies.
And the weight of the bouquet, because you will wear it all day.

Decide whether you want a minimalist bouquet of just collected a bunch of flowers or decorated with decorative elements: ribbons, pearls, crystals and beads.

Choose the form of the bunch: a round, cascade, linear. Will he portbuketnitse (she keeps good shape bouquet, a bouquet of a pen and it can even turn), or on a frame (eg, spherical base in your bouquet round like a ball). Recently, fashion wedding bouquets of flowers whose stems are simply braided ribbons. It looks more natural.

  The choice is yours, dear bride! And our florists are happy to help you with this.!

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